Inspirational Stories and Practical Advice from Successful Canadian Entrepreneurs.

Do you dream of owning your own business?
Are you tired of a job where someone else benefits from your hard work while you remain static?
Do low wages get you down?
Do your great ideas go nowhere?
Do you want to expand your existing small business?
Is time your worst enemy?

Consider this. There are more than 821,000 women entrepreneurs in Canada — and the numbers are growing. Women entrepreneurs have come into their own in unique ways, making up the fastest growing segment of Canada's workforce.

Discover the entrepreneurial spirit of women from all walks of life.

Opportunities abound. Today there are hundreds of options for women who want to shake off the shackles and take charge of their destiny. Author Julie Watson has gathered the stories of women from all walks of life in her newest book, How Women Make Money: Inspirational Stories and Practical Advice from Successful Canadian Entrepreneurs. Women who followed their instincts, allowed their creativity to shine, and had the moxie to follow their dreams. Not only does she tell how they achieve their level of success, but she also passes along their advice to others. The author contributes her own expertise to helping women use a planning process to develop achievable goals which ultimately lead to success.

How Women Make Money is a twofold exploration into the entrepreneurial spirit of women from all walks of life.

It is the story of women who have realized that their paths are not pre-determined, whose experiences are united with vision and sense of purpose, and who continue to challenge their own ideas, and others' presumptions, of what their lives should look like.

It is also the best guide to building both business smarts and character: Julie Watson, an entrepreneur herself, delivers the goods — good planning, good guidelines, good business acumen — offering up some of the most practical advice you'll find on such things as matching personal goals with business goals, developing old skills and learning new ones, using past experiences to infuse new passions, and balancing vision and bookkeeping.

The road to self-employment is paved with self-discovery!


In 1983, with several years working for a newspaper and magazine under her belt, Julie V. Watson knew that she wanted to be more independent, to move up her career ladder, and to see the results of her labours impacting her bank account, instead of an employers.

She also knew that to succeed in her chosen career as a freelance writer and author, she had to do two things. She needed to treat writing as her business. And she had to have a plan that kept her on track and focussed on defined goals. She also knew that her family, her husband and son, always had to be her first consideration when it came to making decisions. Now, some 20 years later Julie is the author of some 17 books and hundreds of magazine articles, published around the world. She owns two businesses. Although she writes primarily books and articles under her own name, Creative Connections acts as an umbrella business which she uses for commercial clients. "Basically we connect uniquely skilled people as needed," she explains. "A project such as production of promotional press kits or print material might require a photographer, designer, printer, proofreader, and of course the writer and team coordinator. I sub-contract what is needed - thus the ‘creative connection'."

Her second business, Seacroft, focuses on publishing and marketing. Publishing projects range from producing a family cookbook for a client to Motorcycle Prince Edward Island an annual guide book, or a series of greeting cards or other gift items for their own retail sales. Seacroft, a partnership with her husband, also markets her books and family craft through mail order and craft fairs.

Julie has long been a supporter of women seeking self-sufficiency and fulfilment through entrepreneurship. She served as a board member with the Atlantic Women Business Owners Association, before leaving to help establish a Prince Edward Island chapter. Later, she was part of a team that brought rebirth to the WBA support group as the Prince Edward Island Business Women's Association. Julie acted as a judge for entrepreneur awards for several consecutive years and has filled the same role judging for the writing and culinary communities. She is also an active member of the Periodical Writers Association of Canada, Travel Media Association of Canada, Cuisine Canada, and Prince Edward Island Motorcycle Touring Club.

Julie has been the recipient of several awards through her career including the Gold 2003 Canadian Food Culture Award presented by Cuisine Canada and the University of Guelph, and the 2004 Media Award presented by the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island. She is a firm believer in the importance of planning doable steps to attain success, of networking and of women supporting women. She gives back to the community that supports her by sharing knowledge and enthusiasm. Today she not only writes, she is a busy workshop leader and presenter, passing along her skills to writers, as well as aspiring and established entrepreneurs. She is devoted to her husband Jack, photographer son John, his wife Chrissy, parents and Tipsy, the mini-schnauzer who really calls the shots.

Julie loves to hear from her readers. Contact her at or through her website at

"The dream is the beginning of the journey. The plan and action are what get you to the destination." Julie Watson

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