John Watson
Photographic Services

Photographer John Watson is part of the Creative Connection team.

In house photography published consistently.

Photography assignments have taken John Watson across Canada, to Belgium, Turkey, Bahrain, Isreal, as well as numerous United States destinations such as Los Angeles, New York, Pheonix, New Orleans and Alaska.

John Watson, world traveler

Working with professional photographer, John C. Watson, the Creative Connection, has produced photographs for specific needs, as well as stock files.

Images from John Watson have graced dozens (if not hundreds) of magazine covers, editorial pages, and creative advertisements around the world. While skilled and experienced in many areas of photography ranging from glamorous fashion to product shots for catalogues, his work with "Creative Connections" has tended to focus on food, scenic, news and event coverage. Lobster or a brew pub for the front cover of a glossy magazine; jams, oils, toys, crafts, clothing or stainless steel equipment for a promotional brochure; prepared dishes, scenic vistas, people in action or fishing boats at sea for editorial pages; are just a few examples of his range of experience.

On-the-spot coverage of special events, conventions and breaking news have taken John from covering royal visits to cheque and award presentations.

He specializes in working with the client to create images which impart the message desired. The Creative Connection can take your project from concept through design, to printed copy for commercial print material such as books, to brochures, tent cards, posters, etc.

Here, John is working with world renowned Chef Stefan CzapalayWorking with skilled food stylists such as world renowned Chef Stefan Czapalay, Chef Thomas Dietzel and others, John has created images which are used to promote Canadian Specialty dishes and products. His images have appeared in books, on book cover, on posters and dozens of other applications.

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