Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1204,
  Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, C1A 7M8
Phone and fax: 902 566-9748
Internet: Email: creative@pei.sympatico.ca
  Web site: http://www.gotocreativeconnections.com
Born: November 1, 1942
Civil Status: Married, husband Roads Supervisor, Parks Canada,
  1 son, commercial photographer
Career: Full time writer/consultant
Own and operate Creative Connections, a company which specializes in professional writing, consulting, promotional campaigns, and designing print materials. Area of specialties include: Prince Edward Island, the Maritimes, seafood industry/ aquaculture, culinary/food, hospitality, small business, women's entrepreneurship, leisure activities and travel.
Drivers License: Class 4
Willing to Relocate: Yes

Brampton, Ontario
graduated 1962
Special studies: The need to upgrade skills is seen as on-going, thus specialized or short courses are taken as available and as need develops. I try to take upgrading courses each year. My philosophy is that we should always be learning; stimulating our creativity and upgrading our skills. For example courses have been taken in:
  • desk top publishing using Ventura, Word Perfect 6.0, etc.
  • computer applications
  • writing skills and techniques
  • food writing/publishing
  • marketing
  • promotion and public relations
  • trade shows
  • specific crafts skills (pottery, etc)
  • food preparation and presentation
  • Internet

      Freelance travel/food/business writer working for several publications. Author of 16 published books, with several others in the "germination" or work in progress stage. Commercial writer/project coordinator for government and business.

    Graphic Design/
    Media Relations:
    Numerous government and private accounts primarily writing/designing/production of promotion and marketing print material, doing research and interviews which are developed into news releases, press kits, and promotional material. Also produce newsletters. Sampling of clients:
  • Canadian Atlantic Lobster Promotion Assoc. Inc.
  • P.E.I. Crafts Council
  • PEI Business Development
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Industry Science and Technology Canada
  • P.E.I. Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture
  • P.E.I. Department of Tourism
  • Confederation Centre of the Arts
  • P.E.I. Food and Beverage Processors Association
  • Graphic Communications
  • Culinary Institute of Canada
  • Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Association of Atlantic Women Business Owners
  • Seasons in Thyme Restaurant
  • Starlite Diner

  • Periodical Writing: Twelve years experience researching and writing for magazines, newspapers and other periodicals such as:
  • Saltscapes
  • Foodservice and Hospitality - regular correspondent
  • Atlantic Business - regular contributor
  • Home Business Report - regular contributor
  • Chimo - Regional correspondent
  • Travel Canada - regular contributor
  • The Complete Canadian Gardener
  • Canadian Health & Fitness - regular cooking/health columnist
  • Coast Life
  • Weissmann Travel Reports
  • Anne's World (Japan) - features writer
  • Food Management Europe (Britain)
  • Seafood Business (U.S.A.)
  • Canadian Living
  • Simply Seafood (U.S.A.)
  • Trade & Commerce
  • Skies America - World Traveller (U.S.A.)
  • Canadian Hotel and Restaurant
  • Emigrant (Hong Kong)
  • Fishfarming International (Britain)
  • Dalhousie Alumni Magazine
  • Springer Foreign News Service (U.S.A.)
  • European Food Management (Britain)
  • Atlantic Provinces Book Review
  • Aquaculture Gazette-regular correspondent
  • Maturity
  • Voile Libre (French)
  • Moving To and Around the Maritimes
  • Le Chef (U.S.A.)
  • Shellfish World - regular correspondent/features writer
  • Up Here! Winter Living
  • Author/Books: Published books (unless noted otherwise) beginning with most recent:
  • Simple Pleasures From Our Maritimes Kitchens - to be published by Raincost Books, Vancouver, B.C. spring 2002

  • Ardgowan: A Journal of House and Garden in Victorian Prince Edward Island, Parks & People/Parks Canada, published by Seacroft, Charlottetown PE 2000 ISBN 0-9687092-0-6

  • Calling The Maritimes Home - published by Raincoast Books, Vancouver, B.C. released summer, 1998 ISBN 1-55192-149-9

  • A Fine Catch Seafood Cookbook - published by Ragweed Press, Charlottetown, PEI - 1996 ISBN 0-921556-45-4

  • Low Cost Heart Smart Cooking - published by MacMillan Canada, Toronto, Ontario ISBN 0-7715-9121-7

  • Shipwrecks and Seafaring Tales of Prince Edward Island - published June, 1994 by Hounslow Press, Toronto,ISBN0-88882-166-2, now with Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, NS.

  • Seafood Menus for the Microwave - published by Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, Nova Scotia ISBN 0-921054-44-0

  • Largely Lobster - cookbook published by Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, Nova Scotia ISBN 0-921054-15-7

  • Ghost Stories and Legends of Prince Edward Island - published by Hounslow Press of Toronto, Ontario

  • Favourite Recipes From Old Prince Edward Island - published by Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, Nova Scotia ISBN 1-55109-160-7

  • Barbecuing Atlantic Seafood - published by Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, Nova Scotia ISBN 0-920852-97-1

  • A Prince Edward Island Album: Glimpses of The Way We Were - published by Hounslow Press of Toronto, ON ISBN 0-88882-095-X - out of print

  • Cultured Mussel Cookbook - published by Nimbus Publishing, Halifax, Nova Scotia & Down East Publications of Maine U.S. ISBN 0-89272-249-5

  • Island Beaches: A Guide to the Beaches and Coastal Regions of Prince Edward Island - published by Four East Publications of Tantalon, Nova Scotia ISBN 0-920427-15-4 - out of print

  • Seafood Cookery of Prince Edward Island - published by Ragweed Press, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island ISBN 0-920304-12-5 - out of print

  • Smile Awhile: A Treasury of Prince Edward Island Humour - published by Hounslow Press, Toronto, ON ISBN 0-88882-107-7 - out of print

  • Contributor,
    guest author:
  • Readers Digest Road Atlas, 2001
  • P.E.I. Colour Guidebooks
  • Foder's Canada - travel guide book(U.S.A.)
  • Madison Press Books
  • several other "Canadiana", cookbooks, analogies, guidebooks, etc.

  • Areas of Specialization: While I pride myself on being able to research and write about almost any topic (given the time & budget) I have developed areas of special interest, such as:
  • Prince Edward Island (business, travel/tourism, food, history/culture, etc.)
  • New Brunswick (travel/tourism, food, history/culture, etc.)
  • Travel/Hospitality Industry
  • Culinary (Food/Cooking/Product, Personality & Business profiles)
  • Women (travel/leisure/entrepreneurship)
  • Business/Profiles/Entrepreneurship/Home Based Business
  • Writing/Crafts /Craft Producers/Self Help
  • Aquaculture/Fisheries
  • Atlantic Canada - the Maritimes
  • Motorcycle Touring and Events

  • Tour Guide/
    Although I had informally hosted visiting journalists for several years, I did not consider it as a business until 1993. When the Periodical Writers Association of Canada visited Charlottetown for their annual meetings I arranged a travel writing workshop followed by a one day tour (to provide an actual experience to write about). Approximately 80 travel writers attended. I realized I had a lot of knowledge to share and enjoyed arranging unique experiences. Since that time I have had some opportunity to further my experience in this field. Over the past few years I have been contracted to guide groups of media, visiting chefs and buyers on tours that encompass both the seafood and tourist industries of Prince Edward Island. I have also been a partner in a business which provides entertainment ghost stories, folklore and shipwrecks). I have my Class 4 license so can drive a passenger van or act as guide. I also put together tours, planning the itinerary, making arrangements and then hosting. Because of my involvement with the fishery and hospitality industry I can arrange unusual tours, tasting demonstrations, plant tours and even classes given by chefs. Clients include Enterprise P.E.I., Canadian Atlantic Lobster Promotion Association and Industry, Science and Technology Canada.

    I feel that I can offer a lot of interesting information that goes beyond the norm. In particular, my own background as a freelance travel/food writer and as an author helps me to work effectively with media or groups seeking specific information.

    Television/Radio: My experience in this area is limited, but positive. I have been interviewed numerous times and am told that I do well on radio and television. I would qualify by saying I'm relaxed and thus respond well to casual interview situations. I am not practiced at working with a script although I'm told I do reasonably well for an amateur. I have been interviewed on several radio programs including: Vicki Gabereau, CBC Vancouver; Peter Growski, CBC Toronto; CBC Charlottetown; CBC Halifax, CBC Sydney and several private stations across Canada.

    Television exposure includes: Live It Up (3 shows), Compass (Charlottetown CBC after news show), ASN Breakfast Television live, ATV & ASN, BC Cable

    I have also worked with foreign filming crews, setting agendas, making all arrangements and then acting as their host/guide.

    I have been contracted to attend trade shows, culinary events, etc. to both demonstrate and promote lobster for the Canadian Atlantic Lobster Promotion Association, Inc. I have attended several of these events alone, or with an on-site assistant such as:
  • Canada Expo - Mexico City (worked with a translator)
  • International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference - New Orleans, U.S.A.
  • Northern Bounty Canadian Culinary Conference - Stratford, Ont.
  • Canadian Seafood Exposition - Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, U.S.A.
  • Homard Nouveau campaign launch - Paris, France
    Also done promotions in Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, etc., and cooking demos, for mussels, and other PEI products as well as giving talks to groups and author signings as part of book promotional tours.

  • Mentor: Under programs administered by the Periodical Writers Association of Canada and the P.E.I. Writers Guild I mentor less experienced writers to increase their marketability, improve business practices and polish writing skills. I have also been a volunteer mentor for a women's business project organized by the Business Development Bank of Canada.

    Creative Connections
    Own and operate my own business doing a mix of desk top publishing, writing, consulting. We specialize in preparing cost effective, promotional material, newsletters, information kits, media consulting, proposal and report writing and publishing. 14 years

    Special Projects Editor: Criterion Communications Group
    a new company involved in publishing a community newspaper for Stratford and area (PEI), specialty publications ranging from special focus recipe books, industry information booklets, show guides, aquaculture magazines and food and drink publications. freelance basis

    Communications Director: Canadian Atlantic Lobster Promotion Association, Inc. (CALPA)
    With Executive Director plan and implement activities related to the promotion of lobster and lobster products from Atlantic Canada. Preparation of promotional Atlantic Canada. Preparation of promotional print material used in global promotional/marketing campaigns including: research, writing, design and layout.Write articles for publication and manage aspects of campaign. Maintain data base of potential buyers and users, as well as media and other "influencers" who will help establish product in world market. Represent CALPA at trade shows and other events in Canada and internationally; as well as with media and government . 4 yr

    Regional Coordinator: Association of Atlantic Women Business Owners
    Developed new chapter, organized meetings and other activities, looked after the needs of the membership and prepared a newsletter. Worked on provincial level and with regional office. 2 years

    P.E.I. Crafts Council, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
    conducted a Survey of the Craft Industry as a one year project. An indepth study of the industry which produced a statistical report as well as a directory of producers. Assisted: writing proposals, research, marketing and promotional projects. 1 year

    Editor: Gracey Communications, Morell, P.E.I.
    Current editor of The Aquaculture Gazette, as well as special projects which include cookbooks for clients such as Sobeys, and informational booklets for clients such as the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Association. - current

      Walt Wheeler Publications, Charlottetown
    Performed almost all functions necessary to ongoing publication of magazine directed to tourists visiting province including writing, editing, design and layout. Produced: This Week on PEI and Charlottetown Monthly Magazine. 2 years

    Lifestyles Editor: Guardian Patriot Newspaper, Charlottetown
    Performed all duties related to producing one or more feature pages in newspaper on a daily basis including: developing story ideas, interviewing, photography, writing, layout and design of page, proofreading, etc. Responsible for 2 full pages, plus special editions, 6 days a week. 5 years

    Numerous events organized as professional and volunteer
    Women In Business Conference (3 annual) also series of luncheons for Business Women for Greater Charlottetown & Area Chamber of Commerce in P.E.I.
    P.E.I. Shellfish Festival for P.E.I. Shellfish Association/PEI Aquaculture Alliance
    Homepreneurs/Micro Business Conference for the Association of Atlantic Women Business Owners, Charlottetown Chapter
    Write Into Summer: Conference for Writers - several annual events organized for Holland College Conference Bureau & Island Writers
    Lobster Conference - several events held over two years which aimed to bring together industry members to establish co-operative partnerships to increase the economic value of the lobster industry to the region, as well as protect and manage the resource. I worked on the organizing committees as CALPA staff

    Variety of short and night courses for writers, women entrepreneurs, small business and etc. such as:
  • Planning Your Way to a Successful Writing Career - Yarmouth writers group, N.S.
  • Also presented to the Periodical Writers Association of Canada, Victoria, B.C.
  • Yes You Can Make A Living as a Writer - South Shore Literary Group, N. S.
  • Attention to Business - Key to Writing Success Stories -
    - P.E.I. Writers Guild, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
  • Using Short Term Goals to Attain Long Term Success - Association of Atlantic Women Business Owners - Charlottetown, P.E.I.
  • Increase Your Income Through Effective Marketing - for writers, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
  • Promotion for Small Business - Holland College night courses, P.E.I.
  • Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship - Beck and Bryne Job Development Program, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
  • Business Writing - Women's Network Program, Summerside, P.E.I.
  • Leading a Meeting - Women's Network Program, Summerside, P.E.I.
  • Getting the Edge on the Writing Market - Periodical Writers Association of Canada in Sackville and Fredericton, N.B.
  • Writing an Effective Resume - Business Training Centre,Charlottetown
  • Ethics and the Freelance Writer and Positive Action Towards a Successful Writing Career - Holland College Conference Bureau, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
  • Home As The Workplace: The Best (or worst) of Two Worlds for Working Women - Holland College Conference Bureau, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
  • Time Management - Greater Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce Freelance Writing/Cookbook Writing/Copyright etc - various
  • Cooking Demonstrations, mussel and lobster promotions - Viva Food and Beverage Shows in Vancouver, British Columbia, International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference, New Orleans, etc.

  • Publishing/
    Book Packaging:
    As the owner of Seacroft/Hillcroft, a small press publishing house I produce books and other print material for clients and for our own marketing line. I lead a team of skilled freelance individuals for the creative, production, marketing and distribution of print material. Under this section of the business we also run a small mail order venture

    Our first published book, Ardgowan: A Journal of House and Garden in Victorian Prince Edward Island was released in July, 2000. Published for Parks and People Association Inc., in conjunction with Parks Canada it is an excellent example of the writing, research, design and layout capabilities of our team. This was our first "book packaging" project, producing a book for a client with all phases from concept to production of a printer ready CD done by our team

    Marketing: Market my own books through craft fairs, mail order and etc.

    Previous work experience includes 16 years with American Motors Corp in Brampton, Ontario where I progressed from secretary to the Purchasing Administrator to Secretary/Assistant to the Director of Data Processing. I also worked briefly as a receptionist, then secretary at a law firm when I first left school.

    President Periodical Writers Association of Canada, Atlantic-At-Large Chapter - current. (formerly held position of Atlantic Regional Director)
    Regional Rep Travel Media Association of Canada - current
    Advisory Board Member Holland College Entrepreneurship Program, revising and upgrading course requirements
    Mentor Business Development Bank of Canada Step-In Program for the development and advancement of women entrepreneurs - 1996
    Founding Board
    Cuisine Canada - Alliance of Canadian culinary professionals subsequently elected to the Board of Directors representing Atlantic Canada (2 year term). Current member and regional newsletter contributor
    Member International Association of Culinary Professionals
    Judge Atlantic Canada Entrepreneur Awards (2 years)1993, 94
    Judge Canadian Entrepreneur Awards (3 years) 1993, 94, 95, 96
    Judge Cuisine Canada National Cookbook Awards (2 years) 1999, 2000, 2001
    Board Member/
    Association of Atlantic Women Business Owners - both 2 year terms
    President Island Writers Association (P.E.I.), current
    member P.E.I. Crafts Council
    member National Writers Association U.S.A.

    AWARDS/RECOGNITION (current):  
    Certificate of
    Premier of Prince Edward Island, for volunteer work with the Association of Atlantic Women Business Owners - 1995
    Certificate of
    Canadian Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards< - 1994, 1995, 1996
    ACTIVITIES: In many ways my work is my relaxation. I totally enjoy what I do, and when not working for one of my clients I am often involved in the reading and research that are part of the writing process. Recipe testing and playing with words are pleasures I eagerly anticipate.

    I am very family oriented, and make the effort to travel to visit our son in British Columbia and my parents in Ontario as often as possible. As I also do some travel writing, I get very involved in the places I visit - learning about them and experiencing as much as I can.

    I am especially enamoured of the region I live in. The Maritimes has a rich heritage, great people, fantastic scenery and allows one to become close to the environment. My passion is exploring the region, visiting its archives and historic sites, its parks and natural areas. To be able to share what I learn with others through the written word is a great joy to me.

    I enjoy traveling, and much of my free time is focused on it, particularly on camping and motorcycle touring. I am an avid reader, enjoy educational television and taking courses and walking.

    REFERENCES: supplied on request.